Lymphedema is an exactly a common word, most people have not even heard about this. Some times you get it mistakenly other thing but what is it actually?

Lymph fluid and lymph nodes are keep working in our immune system. Some times lymph nodes are moved to treat cancer cell in our body. If you feel swelling and hardness in your arms and legs, pay attention because this is actually lymphedema.

There many things which can aggravates the condition like working with tools and using heavy abject for working in or daily routine. Normally lymph fluid moves though your body lymph nodes and work as a major constituent of your immune system. Sometimes these fluid backing up and cause swelling.

What to watch for?

Inward changes

your arms and legs feel heavy and full, pain or tingling may develop.

Outward changes.

You are having gain weight but are arms and legs are continuously swelling.

If you see such kind of changes and symptoms in your body then you see your doctor because this is actually a condition of lymphedema. A person who is all known to this condition will definitely never show laziness for its treatment.

Lymphedema causes discomfort

The swelling can be uncomfortable and ultimately limit movement.

Lymphedema must be managed

Some people must require special garments which are “Compression sleeves” and “Special gloves” to control swelling.

Lymphedema is costly

you probably need extra sleep and rest and a complete therapy for the treatment of lymphedema, which exactly cost you extra money. Some times if it aggravates then the patient is mostly hospitalized completely in many cases.

Lymphedema affects your quality of life

If you once get lymphedema then you must learn to live with it with a complete treatment plan.

What to do for it?

Get screened

If you are having surgery ask for lymphedema prevention tips by certified lymphedema therapist who is professionally trained and specialist in his field. And let you know yourself that either you are on risk or not?

Know the signs

Watch carefully all the areas in your body where actually the lymph nodes are present. Watch carefully about swelling or redness in those areas. Because there is nothing more important than watching and and having keen observation to yourself than any other’s eye.

Movements and little exercises

There are special type of exercise which are really helpful in treatment of lymphedema. These small exercises are really helpful in movement of lymph fluid in your body. It can be done by apply little pressure and pumping the nodes in a gentle way by walking and swimming.


Think about your daily routine and try some healthy habits like gardening, golfing and tennis etc.

Prevent weight gain

Stay healthy by using fresh vegetables and fruits. You must avoid salty food and salty foods and say no to junk foods and cold drinks. Even sona and warm bath is also helpful for the treatment of lymphedema at initial stages. Avoid minor injusries because effected areas may result in

  • Skin breakdown
  • infection


You may have not hear about this but lymphedema may results in a severe condition, which may gives side effects in cancer treatment. However it can be avoided and managed by asking the questions to relevant specialist.

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