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If someone is suffering from type II diabetes, it does not mean that he/she should avoid all delicious foods. Yes, it is totally upto knowledge and all relevant information about daily food that which one is best for diabetics or not.

We will discuss some food which are really beat for diabetics.

In case of diabetes type II there is no such food which is strictly prohibited for patients. If the patient knows how to balance his die he can enjoy the “happy foodie healthy life”. It is all about a perfect balance of nutrients.

The vegetables which are low on glycemic index (GI) scale are best for diabetics type II. These vegetables should also be rich in fiber, or have high content of nitrates to reduce high blood pressure.

In this article, we will try have an keen eye on such vegetables which are best for type II.

Vegetables with Low glycemic index

Through GI ranking we can simply understand that either the glucose from food is going to be absorbed or not in specific time period. If the food item has high-GI then it will be absorbed by our body more quickly then the food having low-GI.

If people want to avoid blood sugar spikes then they must eat vegetables with low-GI score.

All fod are not safe for diabetics with type II, for example the value of GI for boiled potato is 78.

The GI scores for some popular vegetables are:

Food itemGI value
Frozen green peas39

Low-GI vegetables are also safe for people with diabetes, such as:

ArtichokeEgg plantCauliflower
AsparagusPeppersGreen beans
BroccoliSnow peasLettuce

It is important to note that the GI just gives a relative value to each vegetable and it does not tell the specific content of sugar. Glycemic load tells only how much glucose will enter the body through per serving of food item.

Vegetables with high content of nitrates

Nitrates belong to that class of chemicals which are naturally found in some specific vegetables, these nitrates are also used as preservatives by many food manufacturers.

Food having nitrates help controlling the blood pressure.

Nitrate-rich vegetables include Trusted Source:

RhubarbCeleryBeet juice


Vegetables higher than some others in protein include:

Bok choyAsparagusMustard greens
BroccoliBrussels sproutsCauliflower

Healthy meals for diabetic type II

As we discussed some nutrients which are really important for perfect diet plan, So there should be some food items which can be named as perfect healthy meals for diabetics.

  • Some simple meal options include:
  • One must include avocado and chick pea salad to his diet.
  • Fully boiled egg and beets in roasted form with black peppers.
  • potato slices with low-sodium cottage cheese spread
  • Spinach salad with bell peppers and a mild sprinkling of mutton cheese
  • Almond butter on bread with avocado and red pepper flakes

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